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The way organisations operate is changing rapidly, as innovations such as connected devices, analytics and cloud push the boundaries of traditional transformation at a rapid pace. A next generation target operating model ensures you can respond to what is happening now and support what is to come in the future.

How rapidly can you respond to changing market conditions? Will your people, processes and technology be flexible enough to incorporate the disruptors facing your industry?

Next Generation Target Operating Model is essential to ensure that you can respond to and support business objectives. By defining the operating model and service characteristics, you achieve a common understanding of goals roles and professes – and a strong foundation for change.

Company85 have a robust, iterative approach to designing and implementing operating models that ensure technology is fully aligned to the goals of the wider organisation.

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According to research from our parent company Telstra, only 23% of organisations say they make great digital transformation decisions. Roles and responsibilities are increasingly shifting between the business and technology to embrace digital agendas. To make this a success, it is crucial to be joined-up on the technology options available and best practice on utilising business data. A Next Generation Operating Model is designed to do just that and underpins successful digital transformation.

Our 4D methodology ensures that your digital transformation works for you, enabling your business rather than holding it back. We work collaboratively to manage change, strip out cost and complexity, and safeguard data at every stage. With our proven track record of delivering major change with minimal business impact, internal expertise and proprietary tools, Company85 provide continuity, focus and precision to even the most complex transformations.

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The security threat landscape has evolved considerably over the last 5 to 10 years, both in terms of the level of threat presented, as well as the breadth of assets that need to be considered within risk management and compliance targets.

This situation is further compounded by the complexity of bringing more progressive approaches, such as advanced analytics capabilities, into an organisation’s core competencies. Increasingly it has become important to consider security as not merely a single department but as a function that is delivered leveraging skill sets and capability throughout the business.

Company85 has built a robust methodology and framework to analyse your current security model, identify business requirements and map peoples, process and technology characteristics across the business in order to create an optimised and future-proofed Target Operating Model for Security.

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How are today’s technology leaders shaping their operating models to achieve their vision?

You face an ever-changing technology landscape: IT and security leaders need to simultaneously align their services more closely to business goals, offer better value and incorporate relevant innovations.

Your strategy is sound but a disconnect with the operational layer can form.

Company85 has a proven methodology that helps technology leaders to develop the next generation of operating models. We’ve worked with the likes of Skanska, the NSPCC and Opel Vauxhall Finance to accelerate their vision, build the appropriate team and maximise the potential of disruptive technologies. All while integrating technology more closely to the wider business.

Alison FitzGerald, COO of London City Airport, on successful transformation

“So my first priority was to do a Current State Infrastructure Assessment, really understand what the limitations were, what was in place, what wasn’t… the resourcing, the technology, the processes and from there, to make a longer term plan… that met the future needs of the airport.’

Alison FitzGerald, COO of London City Airport, spoke to us about her early days as the first CIO of London City Airport. She discusses using a Current State Assessment as a catalyst for successful IT change, and how the output helped her create the operating model in her early days.

Disruptive Decision Making: Why the technology comfort blanket is holding back success

There is a common perception that technology is the key to digital transformation success. While technology can have a profound impact on business, our parent company’s research found that it’s only when people, processes and partnerships are brought together that profound change is realised and tangible business results achieved.

Sadly, organisations reported the least confidence in their people to contribute to digital transformation decision-making.

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