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Your IT infrastructure underpins everything you do: from digitisation to DevOps and the Internet of Things. With over 20 years of experience advising on and implementing independent, enterprise-class infrastructure services, you can trust us to ensure that your infrastructure can support innovation and business growth whatever your plans.


From colo to cloud, hyperconvergence to hybrid, there are so many options to explore. The right decision is crucial: it is the difference between infrastructure enabling your business and holding it back. Company85 can help: as an entirely independent consultancy, not aligned to any vendor or proprietary methodologies, we provide an honest and experienced perspective that helps to bridge the gap between business need and business advantage.

We have been simplifying complex IT infrastructure for over 20 years; our experienced consultants have been at the forefront of the market for all that time. We leverage this heritage to help organisations make the right choices, to improve efficiencies and cut costs, and build a roadmap to change that is pragmatic, actionable and satisfies internal stakeholders.


Wherever you are in the transformation cycle, from defining strategy to recovering stalled projects, we can help. Our 4D methodology ensures that your transformation works for you, enabling your business rather than holding it back.We work collaboratively to manage change, strip out cost and complexity, and safeguard data at every stage.

Our consultants have helped public and private sector clients build business cases for investment, manage their programmes and recommend opportunities to reduce cost. With our proven track record of delivering major change with minimal business impact, internal expertise and proprietary tools, Company85 provide continuity, focus and precision to even the most complex transformations.

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Regardless of your vision for the future, your infrastructure should enable that innovation, not hold it back. Whatever changes you would like to see in your organisation, from digitisation to DevOps or artificial intelligence, resilient and agile infrastructure is a crucial first step. Without it, your organisation will struggle to achieve its goals on time, in budget or indeed feel any positive effects from the changes at all.

This is what Company85 do best: we can assess the viability of your current state, define a strategy and roadmap for change and manage the programme through to completion. We have built our reputation and long-term relationships by working alongside our clients, rather than taking over, and our flexible governance accelerates progress at every stage. Whether you need enterprise-scale transformation or interim expertise, our consultants have the skills and experience to help achieve results faster and with less risk.

Original research to support digital transformation

Connecting Commerce: Innovative cities for the digital company

Our parent company, Telstra, has commissioned the Economist Intelligence Unit to explore digital transformation across 45 cities around the world.

London ranked 9th, one of only three Western cities to make it into the top ten for business confidence. However, 25% of respondents name cyber security as the major blocker to transformation.

If you are currently working on digital transformation, or planning on doing so in the future, this research provides valuable benchmarking data for you and your organisation.

Alison FitzGerald, COO of London City Airport, on successful IT transformation

“So my first priority was to do a Current State Infrastructure Assessment, really understand what the limitations were, what was in place, what wasn’t… the resourcing, the technology, the processes and from there, to make a longer term plan… that met the future needs of the airport.’

Alison FitzGerald, COO of London City Airport, spoke to us about using a Current State Infrastructure Assessment as the catalyst for successful IT transformation, and how the output from the assessment set her up well in her early days as the first CIO of London City Airport.

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